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Issuelist list using Excel

This is another tool that I’m really used to use.

It’s a simple (yes, I love things which are simple and essential) Excel file you can use to track issues.


If you get in the habit of using it you’ll be able to extract open and closed issues, resolution time, responsibilities and other interesting statistics.

Download here.

Enjoy and back to me with comments and suggestions!


GANTT year 2008 using Excel 2003

After creating an Italian version I started working on a U.S. one.

As the original chart of David Seah this excel file is quite simple and can help you in creating simple GANTT, it’s not a real alternative to Microsoft Project (or other commercial project tool) in case you need to work on complex planning but in case of simple plan it’s really a lot more intuitive than any other tool I ever used.

It includes:

  • Holidays
  • Week numbers
  • A full calendar

Here you can download the U.S. version.

Please comment and let me know if you think this is a useful too.